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INNOBIO Microencapsulation Technology: Blazing a Trail at CPhI China 2019

INNOBIO Microencapsulation Technology: Blazing a Trail at CPhI China 2019

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    June 18-21. The CPhI & p-mec China 2019 was held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The theme for INNOBIO was "Nutritional Value of Functional Ingredients Enhanced by Microencapsulation". INNOBIO focused on five series of products, such as functional lipids, natural carotenoids, functional amino acids, nutritional oil powders and vitamins. INNOBIO demonstrated the microencapsulation technology and its wide product application.

    During the exhibition, INNOBIO set up three functional areas, including the observation area of microencapsulation technology, skin age detection area and tasting area. The observation area of microencapsulation technology focused on beadlets, which analyzed the structural characteristics and dosage form advantages in the micro-state. The skin detection area provided on-site testing of skin’s age for customers, so that customers could understand the difference between skin age and real age. INNOBIO introduced the reverse aging growth solution of astaxanthin. The tasting area showcased lutein ester and oralmelt astaxanthin powder, CLA cookies, CLA TG emulsion, BCAA beverage, etc.

    In this exhibition, INNOBIO presented a beautiful and generous construction style to show a more exquisite sample display. On the first day of the exhibition, INNOBIO was awarded the Top Ten Plant Extraction and Export Enterprises of 2018, which is not only an incentive, but also a an inspiration to continue innovative development work. During the three-day exhibition, our team communicated with new and old customers, and gained a more comprehensive understanding of the needs and development trends of domestic and foreign markets.  This has accumulated value in providing high-quality product solutions to INNOBIO’s customers.