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Microencapsulated Technology Platform

INNOBIO’s R&D department is committed to developing solutions for challenging problems. Combined with independent research and development using microencapsulation integration technology and equipment, each product is formulated to provide improved stability and enhanced application for the supplement and food industries.

Marine Biotechnology Platform

The platform addresses inherent and challenging characteristics of rapid oxidation and difficult separation of functional factors in materials such as marine algae, etc. Its goal is to establish suitable cell disruption methods, select suitable solvent systems and create antioxidant formulas to ensure stable active ingredients.

The platform is dedicated to the development of efficient, environment-friendly and green technologies. At present, diversified research is focused on product development technology and environmental protection technology of microorganisms for products such as amino acid, enzyme preparation, vitamin, carotenoid, etc., widely used in the fields of pharmacy, pharmaceutical intermediates, nutrition and functional food.

Bioconversion Technology Platform

Environment-Friendly Chemical Technology Application Platform

It has identified and developed solutions to address technology gaps for functional and well-defined products in both domestic and international markets.

The formulation technology platform

With the nutrition and health industries as its core, the platform focuses on human nutrition research by identifying and meeting customer needs and market developments, grasping market dynamics, and conducting development and technical research on human clinical nutrition and health care related products.

INNOBIO specializes in the efficient extraction of natural active functional factors and development of formulation technology. It has five technical platforms, including the application of green  chemistry  technology, microencapsulation  steady-state  technology, marine biotechnology, biotransformation technology and formulation preparation technology.

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